Having Purpose as a Writer


As a writer the difference in my literature from my first book and my present is the fact that it started off as pure entertainment, based around some real life situations. As a writer today, by my second book i decided to start dropping knowledge as well and reinventing the history books based around real things that have happened in the world that we naturally tend to turn our cheeks to. I'm trying to inherit #1000 true fans of my literature. I've been working insanely hard to spread my urban Lit. I'm creatively asking for your support.

heres an example of the treasure that is hidden in my literature.

I bet very few of my African American friends on Facebook actually know about little Latasha Harlin and what happened to her inside of Empire Liquors that day. It is not just a story, rather a piece of history that i decided not to let the world forget about. I will also post the link to the original story inside of this post so you can go and check it out for yourself. #GuiltyByAssosiation kick alot of knowledge and has alot of hidden treasures as well as entertainment and i challenge you to cyper it out!

heres a #excerpt from #GuiltyByAssociation magnifying the treasure that im trying to share with you!!:

The Homies seen Chill and Swoop admiring the car, so they dropped the ass of the car to the ground and made the front hop a few times.

"What yall lil niggas up to?" the Homie that was riding shotgun asked.

"Shit, trying to ride like yall" Chill said. he was a little more naïve than Swoop so he was more easily impressed.

"Gotta put in that work, you wanna ride like this" the Homie said.

"Work?" Swoop said as he repeated.

"Yea....work nigga, you know what that is right?" The Homie said as he laughed and looked at the driver and the other passenger.

The West Side Eight-Tray Gangster Crips were a predominantly black street gang, founded during the Mid 70's as a spin off of the Original West Side Crips, that included Stanley "Tookie" Williams. Over future coming years, at least five more sub-clicks would develop from this movement including: Original Southside, Deep Southside, Bacc West Side, Far West Side, and the Nutty Northside.

"Yall riding or what?" The Homies asked.

"Yea" Chill said looking at Swoop. Swoop gave Chill a look as to say he was always getting them into some shit.

"Yea, we down" Swoop said not trying to look like the weakest link. As Swoop and Chill climbed into the back of the rag-top, a '64 impala pulled up next to them with a car full of Eight-Trays. The car was candy red with pearl undertones adorned with silver metalflakes on the top and sides accented with cobb web patterns.

"What the fuck yall still doing in the hood Homies? its going down on Florence!" The Homies announced.

"Shit, we riding out now" Spider Loc said. He was the driver of the car they were in. Chill and Swoop had just left all the ruckus, and were now headed back for more.

"Among all the people that were in the Florence Area, One particular group of people actually kicked off the looting though. At some point, the people decided they weren't going to pay for what they were getting, and the looting started at that very moment. Inside the Payless Liquor and Deli, the store owners son was hit in the head with a bottle of beer, while two other youngsters smashed the glass front door of the store.

A lot of people would get injured on this day, as well as a few fatalities. Among them all, I don't think the city of Los Angeles would forget little Latasha Harlin. In the midst of all the confusion, a store owner inside of Empire Liquors noticed little Latasha Harlin putting a bottle of orange juice in her backpack. Obviously she had came to the conclusion that she wasn't going to pay. The store owner grabbed her by the sweater and snatched her backpack. After hitting Latasha with her fist atleast three times, Harlan backed away, while having a stool launched at her. Harlan then picked up the orange juice that had fell to the ground during the dispute, put it on the counter, and turned to walk away and leave. The store owner then reached under the counter, then fired at Harlin from behind and shot her in the back of the head. She never made it out, and died with two-dollars in her left hand.

if you made it this far and are interested in reading up on some facts about what actually happened that day heres the link:


heres the link to my book, so you can become apart of my support to not only write great, entertaing books, but also to raise awareness to our history as humans!!: