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How to Publish Your Own Novel


Friends, family, and colleagues frequently ask me about the process of putting together a novel. While I am sure that everyone has their own method, as an author and publisher of four books, I have a tried and true technique to share with you to get you started on your literary career. When I thought about writing my next book, I decided to step out of my usual genre, reach back, and share this gift. Knowledge is power and, if you are anything like me, you try and master it all. In this book, I have covered twelve key functions to get you going from the paper and into the market. These Twelve Keys are: creating a killer cover, having a passion, time lining, creating twists and turns, character development, adding detail, branding, staying focused, editing, formatting, creating a good synopsis, and of course the independent grind. With every finished project I am realizing my dreams and, with this book, I hope to help you realize your dreams too.